Case Management with Email Messaging

Many of our customers include Case Management as part of the mix of services provided to clients. Among the seriously mentally ill (SMI) population, Case Management has become an essential service helping individuals gain the most from the services they receive. Helping the client take their medication as prescribed, assessing their current symptom status, intervening […]

Implementing Evidence Based Practices

Last week I attended the semiannual member meeting of the Software and Technology Vendor Association (SATVA), the trade association I have mentioned in the past. At lunch, I sat at a table with Don Hevey, the President/CEO of MHCA, described as “an alliance of select organizations that provide behavioral health services.” Their members are some […]

Has the U.S. Become an Anti-Scientific Nation?

On Sunday night our book club met to discuss Richard Dawkins’ Greatest Show on Earth. While I had a bit of difficulty with his style of writing, the data Dawkins presents in explication and support of evolution is exhaustive. Even with such overwhelming evidence, he reports that a full 44% of Americans surveyed in 2008 do not believe that […]

Evidence Based Treatment and Psychology

As a psychologist trained 30 years ago in a Boulder-model scientist practitioner training program in clinical psychology, the ability to critically evaluate research and to determine its application to the treatment of my patients was an essential part of my practice and of my outlook on clinical psychology. That initial training fed my early interest in […]

Meaningful Use & Behavioral Health Providers

I have been avoiding writing about the second draft of the Meaningful Use of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) definition released by the federal Health IT Policy Committee on July 16. I had been hoping I would hear something that would make me believe the definition would in some significant way benefit our customers. I am […]

Mental Health and e-Health News Bits

Running a mental health practice or community organization is a demanding endeavor and probably gets in the way of reading some of the huge volumes of info out there. I just thought I would share some quick bits and pieces of information you might find useful. 1.   ICD-10 Update: Last October 31, I posted information about an October 2011 […]