Collaborative Documentation: New National Council Webinar

If you have read this blog for a while, you are no doubt aware that I am a webinar junkie. There are loads of free webinars available and they provide lots of very useful information. I am especially fond of the webinars presented by The National Council and have written several articles based on their […]

Change in Healthcare is Upon Us…Law or not

In 1992, when Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States for the first time, I was a member of the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice (CAPP) of the American Psychological Association. CAPP is charged with general governance oversight of the Practice Directorate, the part of APA responsible for promoting “the practice of […]

Creativity: Running out of ideas…

I have been struggling with a topic for this week’s blog. The only thing that has come across my path that feels compelling is the hummingbird who showed up at our coral honeysuckle on Sunday. Unfortunately, integrating that ruby throat into my article does not seem like an easy task. Sometimes, I feel like I […]

Prevention and Pain: A major way to save money

This morning I read an editorial (An ounce of prevention could heal a pound of pain) by Dina Overland of the FierceHealthPayer newsletter. She decided to use her platform as the editor of a newsletter that is aimed at insurance payers to directly address those payers about prevention of healthcare problems and diminishing future costs. She focused on an […]

APA and Public Education in Behavioral Health

In a previous life, when I was actively involved in the American Psychological Association (APA), I was for three years a member of and one year the chair of the Public Information Committee of the APA. Prior to that, I hosted a live, call-in television show for two years. Frankly Speaking with Dr. Kathy Peres was […]

Electronic Claim Filing for Secondary Insurance

Our technical support and customer service staff regularly discuss questions our customers commonly ask. They often answers these questions in emails—repeatedly. For a long time, we have tried to answer some of these questions in documents to make it easier for our customers to succeed in their jobs. The Document Library page on our web site has always aimed to […]

Medicaid Shrinkage: Innovation or reaction?

Just one year ago, after passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), The National Council highlighted the expansion of Medicaid that would occur as a result of the ACA. To meet the law’s requirements to provide insurance coverage to the working poor who are generally not insured through their employment, do not have access to insurance groups, and […]

Sleep Deprivation: The cost

Two nights ago I woke up at 1:30 a.m. and did not fall back to sleep until 3:30 a.m. The room was too hot to sleep comfortably and I was awakened by a night sweat. I got up and cooled the room, but before I could fall back to sleep I was experiencing painful flushing […]

Integrating Behavioral Health into the Healthcare Home

One of the many provisions included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (health care reform law) was the creation of pilot programs to integrate all health care services into a Health Home. The development of the ‘medical home‘ concept will be most important among those with complicated health concerns and in vulnerable populations. […]

Implementing Evidence Based Practices

Last week I attended the semiannual member meeting of the Software and Technology Vendor Association (SATVA), the trade association I have mentioned in the past. At lunch, I sat at a table with Don Hevey, the President/CEO of MHCA, described as “an alliance of select organizations that provide behavioral health services.” Their members are some […]

How’s Your Compliance Program Coming Along?

Last week I attended a webinar sponsored by The National Council: Healthcare Reform Expands Compliance Requirements: Prepare Now.  There is a recording of the presentation at the link above. I attend lots of webinars to try to stay informed about what is happening in our industry. As indicated by the fact that I often write […]

Primary and Behavioral Healthcare Integration

On Monday the National Council announced that they have won a competitive grant to provide training and technical assistance to move forward the process of integrating primary and behavioral health care services. They will provide support services and assistance to organizations that have received grants to develop integrated care within their organizations, as well as to other organizations seeking […]

OpenNotes Project: Where does mental health fit in?

On Monday of this week, Seth asked me if I had a topic for my current blog. As I had none at hand, he pointed me to last week’s episode of the podcast/NPR show, Science Friday. Seth is a regular subscriber to this series and I listen when I find the time. That effort is […]

Managed Care Organizations Oppose Parity

An organization called the Coalition for Parity, Inc. comprised of managed behavioral health organizations (MBHOs) has filed suit to halt the implementation of the Paul Wellstone and Pete Dominici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. This group has as some of its members Value Options, Magellan Health Services Inc., and Beacon Health Strategies Inc. As reported […]

Resources for Behavioral Health Providers

I read lots of articles online…or I download the articles and read them in .pdf format. Seth found a free tool that is going to make this whole reading and organizing process easier for me. It is called PDF-XChange Viewer and it can be downloaded for FREE! If you like to highlight and make notes […]

License to……

Every two years around this time I am busy completing my Continuing Education Units (CEUs) so I can renew my license as a psychologist. I have done this every biennium since 1980, even though I retired from practice 17 years ago. In Florida, the license is both a practice and title act…to represent myself to the […]

Stress: APA’s 2009 Survey

In early November 2009, the American Psychological Association released the results of their 2009 Stress in America Survey. The executive summary is an excellent way to review the results of the survey in 20 pages. The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive and included 1,568 adults aged 18 and older who reside in the United States. The […]


I try to keep informed about Electronic Medical records (EMRs), certification of those products, and funding for them provided through the economic stimulus bill (ARRA). After all, as a developer and vendor of a behavioral health EMR, I really should know some of this stuff. This week, I was struck by the number of acronyms that have come into common […]

Death and EMRs: Disruptive events?

The deaths of the past week have set me to thinking. The mother of a friend passed away early in the week followed by the wife of a family friend. Then, news of the death of cultural icon, Michael Jackson, was everywhere. I come from a family and culture (New Orleans-based) where death is an intrinsic part of […]

Personal vs. Professional: Social Networking Sites

I checked my email on Sunday night to find two new requests for “friend” status on my Facebook page…one was from a customer, the other was from my mother-in-law. The juxtaposition of requests brought directly home the conflict and confusion that some folks are having about use of the social media sites. Is your use […]