SOS Appointment Scheduler

SOS Appointment Scheduler is an add-on product designed for use with SOS Office Manager and SOS Case Manager. It includes powerful and flexible scheduling and resource management features that will save you time and effort.

SOS Appointment Scheduler eliminates the need for an appointment book:

Manage multiple provider schedules

  • Maintain schedules for an unlimited number of providers.
  • Allocate available appointment time slots for each provider based on templates for each day of the week.
  • Create a color-coded display of booked, blocked, and open appointment slots, by provider, for one day, one week or six weeks at a time.
  • Keep multiple provider schedules open on the desktop simultaneously.
  • Receive warnings of scheduling conflicts.
  • "Block" days or time periods that the provider is not available.
  • Create the same appointment for multiple providers (like a staff meeting).

Use powerful search and customization

  • View future appointments for a patient as you enter new ones. Appointment Scheduler will show them to you as soon as you select a patient!
  • Copy appointments into the future, e.g.: 3 appointments at 7 day intervals.
  • Easily cancel and reschedule an appointment.
  • Maintain user-configurable start and end times for the day, with appointment intervals of 15 minutes or multiples thereof.
  • Create user-configurable encounter forms for the day's appointments.
  • Create a Check-in Report, which shows all appointments for the day, sorted by start time, for use in checking in patients as they arrive.
  • Find available appointments for specified date range, day of the week, time, single or multiple providers, at one or more sites.
  • Create complex queries of the appointment data based on information like date range, time, day of the week, patient, provider, provider type and panel status, appointment type, service, site, resource, and appointment status.
  • Display resource (such as treatment room) usage by day, week, or six week period.
  • Delete appointments according to user-provided criteria.

Manage patients with alerts and reminders

  • Select people to be scheduled from the active patient list or enter a name or description if not scheduling an existing patient.
  • Show highlighted reminders and "do not schedule" reasons from SOS Office Manager next to patient names in the selection list.
  • Display managed care authorization alerts when scheduling appointments.
  • Schedule multiple patients, as in group therapy meetings, in a single appointment time. Alternatively, set the system to prevent multiple scheduling.


  • Save time and effort by importing appointments directly into SOS Office Manager for subsequent billing.
  • Assure that users see only the provider schedules and patient data for which they are authorized.

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