SOS Case Manager – Behavioral Health EMR

SOS Case Manager is designed for use with SOS Office Manager and SOS Appointment Scheduler. It includes powerful and flexible clinical record features that will save you time and effort.

SOS Case Manager does all the clinical record keeping tasks you need:

Increase your speed and the quality of your records

  • Work on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet computer.
  • Maintain an electronic record or output the files to paper.
  • Spellcheck before you save and sign.

Easily create brief or extensive records

  • Use all the SOS Case Manager features or only those you need.
  • Create problem and goal oriented treatment plans and progress notes.
  • Prescribe or track medications.
  • Utilize user-definable history formats.
  • Rely on pre-loaded, modifiable, DSM-based problem and goal lists.
  • Enter a five-axis DSM diagnostic profile.
  • Track session authorizations and create renewal reminders.
  • Use patient recall reminders and provider alerts.
  • Store frequently used text in glossary entries.
  • Make your own new patient templates with standard treatment plans and history outlines, plus user-customized Patient Info and Progress Note fields.
  • Create group therapy progress notes.
  • Export reports to multiple formats.
  • Attach documents and scanned items created outside SOS Case Manager.

Get the best technical support in the industry

  • Talk to an SOS representative Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm ET.
  • Exchange emails with our support staff or use our online support system.
  • Get emergency after hours support at night or on weekends (additional charge).
  • In spite of the fact that we provide the friendliest, most comprehensive support in the business, you will probably find very few reasons to call us. SOS Case Manager is designed to be simple and intuitive, even for computer-phobic clinicians.

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