SOS Document Library



ALL 105 SOS Business Associate Agreement
ALL 109 SOS Data Security
ALL 110 SOS Software Installation Guide
ALL 111 SOS Database Encryption
ALL 112 SOS Agreement for Database Repair, Maintenance, or Data Extraction
ALL 116 SOS and HIPAA Compliance
ALL 117 Moving SOS Applications to a New Computer
ALL 118 How to find your current version/release
ALL 119 Login Icons Are Disabled After Update
ALL 120 How to get F1 Help to work in Windows Vista
ALL 125 Backing Up Your Data
ALL 126 Managing the Transaction Log
ALL 127 Rebuilding Your Database for Use with Sybase ASA 9.x
ALL 152 Subscribing to the SOS User Group on Google Groups
MAPSS edition of OMWin 153 Subscribing to the SOSMAPSS User Group
ALL 403 Examples of many useful queries you can run against the SOS database. See document 404 for basic instructions on running queries.
ALL 404 Running a Query Using DBISQL
ALL 405 New Software Licensing Procedure
ALL 406 Connecting to the SOS database with MS Access
ALL 407 Creating Mail Merge Labels in Word from Query Results
ALL 410 Using Windows Uninstall to Remove SOS from your computer
OMWin 413 OMWin Standard vs OMWin Pro
ALL 415 Network Troubleshooting
ALL 416 Using the Check DB Integrity Utility
ALL 427 Running the SOS Database on an Alternate TCP Port
ALL 430 Configuring the Database to Run as a Windows Service
ALL 431 Using SOS Applications with Windows Terminal Services
ALL 432 Resetting the Transaction Log Name
ALL 433 Decision tree for implementation of remote access
ALL 435 Enhancing Performance of a Large Database
ALL 440 Use of Mouse Wheel Causes OMWin to Freeze
ALL 452 Attempting to view or print report results in Windows errors or lockup
ALL 457 Backing up SOS Data to a Zip Drive
OMWIN 460 Transaction Entry Efficiency Tips
OMWin 461 OMWin Does Not Automatically Link Charge to MC Authorization
OMWin 462 Setting Copayment/Billing Percentages
OMWin 463 Entering Credits
OMWIN 464 Entering a Credit when You Have Previously Entered a Payment to the Wrong Payor
OMWIN 465 More Splits: Entering Credits when You Have Received a Larger than Expected Payment
OMWIN 466 Entering One Check as Payment for Multiple Patients
OMWIN 467 Entering an Insurance take-back
OM 468 Printing Claim Detail Lines When Fee is Zero
OMWIN 469 Generating secondary insurance claims
OM 470 HCFA1500 Cross-Reference Grid
OM 471 Generating Simplified Statements
OMWIN 473 Reconciling Accounting Reports
OMWIN, CMWin, Scheduler 474 Adding a new report to a Reports menu in SOS Products
Scheduler 475 Appointments appear as black blocks
Appointment Scheduler 477 New Provider Does Not Appear in Scheduler
OM 479 Unapplied checks are found when posting daysheet
ALL 482 Converting SOS standard dates in Crystal Reports
ALL 492 Sending a File to SOS via the Internet
ALL 493 Sending Your Database for Upgrade
ALL 494 Sending a File to SOS via direct FTP
ALL 495 Specifications for contracting for Custom Reports
CM 496 Reporting Considerations in Case Manager 2007 and Later
CM 501 Loading Default Treatment Plan Lookup Lists
OM 540 SOS Module for Electronic Claims Filing through emdeon
WebMD 543 WebMD/Envoy Claim Submitter Reports
OM 544 Submitting Electronic Secondary Claims: Claim Adjustment Reason Codes
OMWIN, ECM 545 Documentation for the optional SOS ERA posting module.
OM, CM 601 Linking, Importing, and Scanning Attachments
ALL 701 Troubleshooting SOS 2007.01 Installations
ALL 702 Access Denied. Could not get write access to OMINFO.TPS
ALL 801 Exporting SOS Documents to Excel (contributed by Tom Pollack, Ph.D., Blue Ridge Behavioral Health Services)