SOS First Contact – Patient Registration
and Intake Data

SOS First Contact is a customizable data collection application, designed to gather information about prospective patients or clients prior to their first service. SOS First Contact is designed for use with SOS Office Manager, SOS Case Manager, and SOS Appointment Scheduler.

SOS First Contact gathers new patient demographics in one place:

Facilitate telephone intakes

  • Use SOS First Contact to collect demographics, referral, insurance information and more.
  • With a couple of clicks, initialize an account for billing in SOS Office Manager and for clinical records in SOS Case Manager.
  • Avoid cluttering patient lists with no-shows.

Limit intake workers access to patient financial and clinical information

  • Limit your liability by controlling access to patient Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • Access to SOS First Contact does not require access to SOS Office Manager or SOS Case Manager.

Provide managers with the data they need

  • Create reports and analyze no-show data.

Flexible, customizable screens and reports

  • Show, hide, and reposition the columns of the prospective patients list to your liking.
  • Group and sort the entries by any columns in the list.
  • Filter the list to show only those entries that meet specific criteria, and print or export the results as a report.
  • Select from several provided data entry formats, customize your own, or contract with an SOS expert to create a new entry format based on an existing paper form.
  • Create or customize reports using the powerful, built-in reporting tool.
  • Learn customization basics from SOS training videos.

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