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Over the years many SOS customers have expressed their desire to participate in a user group, a forum in which they could meet and compare notes with other users of SOS products. Face-to-face user groups are impractical because of obvious constraints of space and time. Fortunately, most of the advantages of a user group can be realized in the context of an e-mail group.
By joining and subscribing to the SOSoft" group at Google Groups, you will be able to exchange information, questions, suggestions, and opinions with SOS staff and other SOS users at your convenience. Messages posted to the group will automatically appear with your e-mail, and participating in a discussion is as simple as sending a message to or responding to a message received from the group.
You must join the group to participate or to search for information in the existing message archives. Enter your email address below to get started.
By participating in the group you will help us in our efforts to continually enhance and improve our products in a way that will make YOUR life easier.

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