SOS Office Manager - Billing Software for Mental Health, Medical & Addictions Providers

SOS Office Manager is a comprehensive accounts receivable and billing system for behavioral health organizations and medical practices. Once account and transaction information have been entered into the system, SOS Office Manager can automatically generate statements, insurance forms, and a host of accounting and management reports. While SOS Office Manager may be used as a standalone application, it seamlessly integrates with SOS Case Manager for clinical records and EMR functions and SOS Appointment Scheduler for scheduling and resource management.

SOS Office Manager performs all your practice management tasks:

Save money as you increase efficiency

  • Quickly create new charge entries from similar entries already in a patient’s ledger.
  • Automatically enter appropriate charges from fee schedules determined by patient, provider, provider type, service, and payer.
  • User-configured defaults speed entry of new patients and transactions.
  • Combine an unlimited number of related services as a macro so they can be entered as easily as a single service.
  • Automatically apply adjustments and discounts.

Manage your revenue cycle

  • Split each fee among an unlimited number of payors for a given patient.
  • Precisely track payments, from whom they came, when they were posted, and to what they were applied.
  • Trace individual payments from, or to, specific checks or credit cards at any time.
  • Display accurate up-to-the-minute aged receivables (30, 60, 90, 120, and 120+ days) for every private and insurance payor.

Simplify daily billing tasks

  • Select from numerous patient and insurance billing formats and options, including HIPAA standard electronic claims.
  • Rapidly generate claims for new charges.
  • Easily bill different services to different insurers within the same patient account.
  • Step through the process of billing with Statement and Insurance Claim Guides.

Track authorizations and pre-certifications

  • Reliably track managed care authorizations, including provider-specific, service-specific, and overlapping or discontinuous authorizations.
  • See warnings when authorized sessions run low or the authorized date range is about to expire.
  • Automatically group services according to authorization and output as separate claims, including the appropriate authorization number.

Maximize security

  • Control who has access to individual windows, buttons, and entry fields using SOS Office Manager’s extremely powerful security system.
  • Meet HIPAA security standards using ID/password or role-based security.
  • Specify which users can access which patient accounts.
  • Easily monitor changes with SOS Office Manager’s automatic audit trail. Maintain a history of all previous versions of transaction and patient data; all changes are recorded with the time, date, and identity of the user who made the change.

Experience maximum flexibility, convenience, and ease of use

  • Simplify correct data input: have an SOS Office Manager Guide walk you through complex procedures such as refunds and moving payments from one account to another, as well as routine matters such as entering a new patient.
  • Use any unique combination of up to 19 letters and numbers as patient account identifiers. Change the identifier freely whenever you like without compromising the integrity of your data.
  • Quickly define custom fields, entry formats, and even lookup lists for additional patient, provider, service, claim setup, insurance policy, and transaction data.
  • Disable or hide prompts, fields, buttons or entire entry forms based on each user’s security role so that users do not have to see or complete irrelevant parts of forms.

Assure data accessibility

  • Easily access your SOS data through Microsoft’s ODBC industry standard. Users approved for access may query and report data stored by SOS Office Manager using many popular database, spreadsheet, and reporting products such as Microsoft Access and Excel.
  • Access your data remotely utilizing Microsoft Terminal Server, Citrix, or other secure remote applications.

Guarantee power and ability to grow

  • Your organization gains the speed and stability of SOS Office Manager’s client/server architecture and powerful SQL database engine, SybaseSQLAnywhere. The SQL Anywhere database provides low maintenance, high performance, and robust data-handling with virtually no limits on the amount of data you can safely add to the system.
  • Rest easy in the knowledge that you won't outgrow SOS Office Manager. It can easily accommodate as many patient accounts and transactions as you are ever likely to throw at it.

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